DR控制終端-DR control terminal

DR牛頭是數字化直接成像系統的核心部件,是在X線電視系統的基礎上,利用計算機數字化處理,使模擬視頻信號經過采樣、模/數轉換(analog to digit,A/D)后直接進入計算機中進行存儲、分析和保存。保存的數字圖像具有較高分辨率,銳利度好,細節顯示清楚;放射劑量小,曝光寬容度大,并可根據臨床需要進行各種圖像后處理等優點,還可實現放射科無膠片化,科室之間、醫院之間網絡化,便于教學與會診。隨著國內臨床研究,市面許多DR牛頭產品功能滿足使用,但設計語言過于老舊,缺乏設計感。


DR bullhead is the core component of the digital direct imaging system. It is based on the X-ray television system, and USES the computer digital processing to make the analog video signal after sampling and analog to digital conversion (A/D) directly into the computer for storage, analysis and preservation. The saved digital image has high resolution, good sharpness and clear detail display. Small radiation dose, large exposure tolerance, and according to clinical needs for a variety of image post-processing and other advantages, but also to achieve non-film radiology departments, departments, hospitals between the network, facilitate teaching and consultation. With the domestic clinical research, the function of many DR tauren products in the market meets the needs of use, but the design language is too old and lacks the sense of design.

This time HURAKAN help kangda intercontinental medical treatment to the current bull's head shape and structure design, stylist is in the forefront of high-end medical equipment at home and abroad to carry out the design before the design elements were analyzed carefully and extract, guarantee the fruity characteristics of medical equipment collocation fashion material and surface treatment technology at the same time, losing stable on the basis of that equipment technology feels dye-in-the-wood.